Travel CRM for Tour Package Providers

Boost customer retention and augment sales.

Streamline your marketing activities and generate the maximum number of bookings.

Centralise, manage and track your inquiries from all channels – travel portals, social media, website, surveys, etc.

Design awesome landing pages from templates designed for travel business

Create beautiful responsive landing pages with the help of drag and drop landing page builder. Put beautiful pictures of the destinations and mention details like destination location, pricing, travel duration, etc. Capture inquiries from these pages.

Capture and track all the interactions with prospects and customers

Track every single activity and interaction (inbound and outbound) done with prospective clients. Phone calls, email or text interactions, or communication through any other channel – everything is tracked and recorded so that you always know the status of the lead and the direction of the conversation. Seamless integration with SuperReceptionist, CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics, and other call-tracking software.

Speed up response time for your inquiries

Reduce response time by distributing inquiries automatically to your qualification and package customization teams based on any criteria you want. Distribution can happen based on budget, destinations, departure cities, and more. Speed up the response time of your team and help them contact every lead before your competitors.

Customize everything to suit your processes – lead fields, stages, activities, scores

Instead of remodeling your business process to fit our travel CRM, we design a workflow as per your travel business. Lead fields, stages, activities, scores, processes, workflows, and employee dashboards can all be customized to match your specific business needs. Ex: Stages- Inquiry, Travel Planned, Unsure, Closed. Under ‘Travel Planned,’ sub-stages can be – ‘destination decided, dates decided, etc.

Track activities of prospects and customers and accordingly connect with them on the channel of their choice

Monitor the activity of prospects on the website and marketing campaigns to identify their traveling intent and nudge them accordingly at the right time. Send automatic engaging omnichannel communication or follow-up to provide traveling options. E.g. If they are viewing multiple Beach packages, send them offers on the same.

Manage your inquiry and agency partners and identify the best and worst-performing vendors

Centralize all leads with restricted access for partners

Centralize all your leads on a unified platform and provide restricted access to external agents and partners. Lead data across partners is visible to only the admin, while the partner can view his own lead data.

Analyze reports and make smart decisions

With all the information about your customers and their interactions residing in one place, use reports and analytical capabilities to gain insights and strategize your sales and marketing.

  • Analyze travel trends and forecast which months are likely to have less business
  • Derive which travel packages are the most popular
  • Understand the most popular destination
  • Get insight into the performance of your travel agents

Third-party integrations

Seamless integration with all popular travel partner sites, lead gen channels, communication tools, inventory solutions, social media platforms, PPC ads, and call center apps through API/connectors. Zapier integration allows you to build your custom connectors as well and deliver an enhanced traveler experience with these essential integrations.