Sales Tracking System

Maximum operational efficiency, deeper understanding of customer behavior and interests.

Track, analyze, and monitor the entire sales cycle from lead generation to after-sales service and achieve business goals along with an increase in satisfied customers.

Capitalize on sales opportunities with greater control over sales management

Why sales tracking is important for business?

Sales tracking helps in managing sales processes more accurately and efficiently. It identifies potential leads and helps in tracking them closely to conversions. It supports team collaboration and empowers the sales field team via mobile CRM. Moreover, it automates business processes and releases sales reps from administrative tasks so that they can focus on selling.

Real-time dashboard for sales

  Email Metrics

Keep a track of emails sent by your team along with open & click rates.

 Calling Reports

Keep a check on call volume, connect rate, and successful conversation numbers.

 Pipeline Reports

Monitor the leads in each stage of the pipeline for your team

  Field Meetings

A real-time metric on the meetings your field teams have every day, week, or month.

  Sales Closure Reports

Keep a tab on all the deals your reps are closing or committing to the pipeline.

 Activities Vs Revenue

Track the revenue contributed by each rep vs. the activities performed by them.

Visualize your sales funnel

Define stages in your sales funnel on our CRM and know exactly how many leads are at each stage, and for how long. Check the sales closed, pipelines forecasted, and revenue committed for any given time frame in a few clicks.

Conversation timeline

Make sure that all conversations, one-on-one or bulk, email or telephonic are getting tracked, and are available for the manager to review.

Get notified when a follow-up is missed

The Sales Manager to get a notification if any follow-up is missed, or if a lead is left untouched in the system for a long time.

Identify the top and underperformers

Closely monitor your entire team's sales performance and keep them on track. Identify the sales stars and the under-performers lagging on targets based on the number of deal closures, revenue generated, meetings attended, and more.

Track your field sales agents at all times

Mobile CRM app helps to track and manage the entire field sales operations efficiently. Sales Managers can remotely monitor each field sales rep’s location, their schedule, any notes they take in their client meetings, and other details.