Sales Management System

Improve sales forecast, reduce revenue loss.

Setting up a sales process for your business by leveraging CRM Sales Software.

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop sales process designer

Multi-channel sales engagement software for lead management

  Lead Distribution

Set rules to automatically assign leads to salespeople as soon as they come in.

  Lead Qualification

Score and qualify your leads automatically and help your salespeople prioritize their tasks.

 Follow-ups and Tasks

Automatically assign follow-ups and tasks to your salespeople to help plan their day.

  Sales Notifications

Set rules to alert salespeople as soon as their leads take an important action.

  Sales Funnel Movement

Automatically move your leads down the funnel. Change lead stages based on activities.

  Sales Tracking

Track everything – conversations, activities, salespeople, and closures.

Manage entire sales operations by having a comprehensive overview

Get a tight grip on your sales process. Monitor every aspect of your sales – leads, funnel, salespeople, and revenue. Know exactly where the leads are in your pipeline, track their movement down the sales funnel, sales closures, and more. The cloud-based sales management CRM also helps you access and update data (based on sales activity) on the go.

Sales management solution to serve, engage and retain customers

Build proactive call center sales operations with our CRM. Help your agents make better conversations, enhance prospect experience, and sell more with a completely connected call center. Integrate with any telephony service provide and make your reps/agents’ work more efficient with click-to-call dialers. You can check more about call center management here.

Power up your field sales with user- friendly mobile CRM

Gain visibility on your field sales operations. Keep track of your field agent's customer visits with geo check-in and check-out. Remotely track the location, duration of each meeting, meeting outcomes, daily routes traveled, and goals achieved.

Defining roles of your teams to improve sales productivity and efficiency

  Territory Management

Define your sales territories, user hierarchies, goals, and user permissions accordingly.

 Role-based Access

Ensure that your agents can access only the leads and data relevant to them to ensure field-level security.

  Sales Regimentation

Dynamic forms to show your agents only relevant fields to ensure high productivity and 0 manual errors.

  Day Planning

Sales performance management software to plan your salespeople’s day including meetings, routes, tasks, and more.

  Guided Actions

Whether you are a B2C business or B2B, sales time management is crucial. Guide your team to the next best action based on your sales process.

 Hierarchy-based Reporting

Get hierarchy-wise insights into the performance of each region, team, salesperson, and more

Prompt escalation management process 

Escalations can be set to the sales manager for a number of reasons - if a new lead is not touched within 15 mins, call dispositions are being missed, a lead is left in the same pipeline stage for weeks, positive sales interaction has occurred but, there have been no follow-up actions on the lead for the past 21 days.