Sales Automation

Your key to boost revenue, reduce cost, and better decision making

Profitable growth is easier than you think — no matter your company's size, industry, geography, product, or service. You can increase your sales representative’s productivity and grow revenue by putting all your sales activities on a single automation tool. Unify data from multiple sources for a 360° view of customers and manage the complete sales cycle.

Digitally transform your sales value chain

Sales strategy and

Forecasting, channel strategy, resource allocation, talent management

Lead identification and qualification

Pipeline management, action plans for new and existing customers

Configuration, pricing, and quotation

Quota setting, a configuration of technical solutions, negotiation, contracting

Order management

Credit checking, invoicing, order-related service handling

Post Sales activities

Regular follow-ups, handling of incoming requests (e.g., for spare parts, repairs)

Structural support

Reporting, analytics, training, provision of sales support materials, administrative tasks

Manage sales processes and workflows

Configure your lead distribution smartly

Distribute leads by any number of lead or agent attributes – lead location, products, agent seniority, performance, and more. Consider the potential deal size, preferred language of communication, and other parameters to completely customize your distribution criteria.

Scheduling an ideal sales day for your team

Remove all the clutter from your salesperson’s work area. Promote productivity by showing them just the meaningful tasks listed in order of priority.

Accelerate your field sales and operations

Allow your field agents to be super-productive on the field – make calls, find prospects near them, transfer leads, and sell more. Track your entire field workforce by monitoring their geolocation, client meetings they attend, the distance they travel, their attendance and incentives, and everything else in between.

Manage every sale, every step of the way

  Conversation Tracking

Keep a track of emails sent by your team, as well as the open & click rates.

  Calling Reports

Keep a tab on the call volume, connect rate, and successful conversation numbers.

  Pipeline Reports

Track the number of leads in each stage of the pipeline for your teams and representatives.

  Field Meetings

A real-time metric on the meetings your field agents have every day.

  Sales Closure Reports

Keep a tab on all the deals your representatives have closed against their commitment.

  Activities Vs Revenue

Track the revenue contributed by each representative and shortfalls vs. the activities performed.