Sales Automation System

Overcome operational challenges, reduce error & gain higher efficiency.

Automate sales, marketing, and customer support tasks, thus freeing your team’s time for more complex and meaningful tasks.

Flexible no-code sales automation workflow designers

Sales Process Designer

Automatically distribute leads based on rules

Assign leads automatically to your sales reps based on lead source, product type, vintage, agent availability, location, lead application status, or combination of criteria.

Alerts and triggers

Set up custom alerts for instant notifications to sales reps whenever there’s a lead activity like email open, link click, website visit, etc, and CRM user activities, such as new deals or incoming sales calls.

Escalation Management

Notify sales managers in case of important sales activities or inaction on any lead/ missed follow-up on the salesperson’s part. E.g. if a new lead is not touched within 15 mins, call dispositions are being missed, a lead is left in the same pipeline stage for weeks...Any concern can be escalated via an automated email & SMS to the salesperson's manager.

Reassign missed calls automatically

Your salespeople are busy, and they might miss a few calls at one point or the other. Our CRM will immediately capture all these missed calls as leads, and automatically assign them to another sales rep in a round-robin fashion, or based on the rules you define.

Lead scoring and priortisation

Setup up rules to assign scores to your leads and identify people who are most likely to buy their product or service and weed out unqualified leads. It helps sales teams focus on the most important opportunities and close more deals.

Reporting and Dashboard Automation

Automate reports and dashboards for businesses to deliver unique and useful insights to leaders. Reports like task completion, revenue targets, sales performance, and funnel status can be scheduled to your inbox.