Remote Sales Solution

Sell more, build strong customer relationships.

Track activities and intervene at the right time to drive productivity amongst your remote teams.

Elevate your remote sales business to next the level of growth through Workforce Management Software

Benefits of Remote Workforce Management Software

 Super-fast Implementation

While configuring other tools can take months, our mobile CRM gets you started in days.

 Completely Connected Teams

Connect and manage all your teams together – marketing, sales, operations, service & more.

 Quick Adoption

Fast adoption at scale across all teams and hierarchies. Easy to set-up, easy to use.


Built for mobile-first use. Your teams can get started without any complex set-ups.

 Works Offline

Allow your teams to work well despite the challenges of low or no network connectivity.

 Prescriptive Analytics

Get complete team reports along with corrective actions to improve performance.

Track the performance of your remote workforce

For a remote team manager, it is important for him to track the team’s productivity. Our CRM enables you to track all the activities of your field force like calls, emails, and tasks completed. Get automated reports on every remote sales employee and ensure they are on top of their game.

Make every Interaction with customers fantastic

One of the challenges with remote workforce management, is ensuring all interactions with prospects or customers follow company standards. Our CRM integrates with telephony services and email clients so you can track and record all calls and emails. Ensure that all communication follows company guidelines. Share call and email scripts with your entire team to help them achieve the highest standards. After all, Satisfied customers = Loyal customers.

Motivate and inspire your team for extraordinary results

Use real-time team performance data to set personalized goals, provide instant feedback, and suggest relevant coaching and learning. Reward every milestone with recognition and nudge them to perform better.

Optimise your customer lifetime value by cross-selling and upselling using a remote sales management tool

Provide insight into customers' purchasing mindset and help field sales reps to identify better cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Use your existing customer data to create buyer personas to predict customers’ future behavior. With the right segmentation, lead scoring & profiling, upsell & cross-sell can be turned into additional revenue generation mediums.

Robust security to safeguard customer data

Set up Two-Factor Authentication to add an additional security layer. Edit your Permission Templates to disable data exports or temporarily hide sensitive data from users. If you suspect that your account has been compromised, you can force log out of all users as the first safety precaution.