Real Estate CRM

Respond faster to customer Inquiries and prevent the lead leakage.

Single platform to manage property inquiries, interact with buyers, manage property listings, schedule site visits, nurture leads, close more deals, build lasting customer relationships, and improve the sales team's productivity.

Nurture clients from prospect to deal closure and beyond for cross-selling and referrals

Streamline and automate your sales process and shorten your sales cycle

Capture and distribute all your property inquiries

Capture and organize property inquiries from all your marketing campaigns in a single place. Digital ads (Google, YouTube, etc.), social media (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), traditional ads (TV, newspaper, magazines, hoardings, etc.) phone, website, real estate marketplaces (99Acres, CommonFloor, MagicBricks, Property Bazaar, JustDial, etc.), excel upload. Speed up the response rate of your sales team and help them contact every lead before your competitors.

Design attractive pages for each project

Create attractive responsive pages for each project or property with the help of drag and drop landing page builder. Put property image and mention details like property’s description, location, pricing, and square foot area to describe the property. Capture leads from these pages.

Stay on top of the sales pipeline and forecast revenue accurately

Automatically assign potential clients to the best-fit agent

Automatically assign clients to real estate agents or call center based on location, property type (residential, commercial), deal size, agent availability, language, or other preferences in a round-robin fashion. Every time a lead is assigned to an agent, an automatic notification is sent to him.

Automate agent notifications and task settings

An automatic notification is sent to real estate agents when a new lead is assigned to them, or a new site visit is booked. This helps them to manage and plan their schedule. An automatic task can also be set for them based on their calendar availability, ensuring that they never miss an appointment or follow-up call. If an agent misses any appointment/ follow-up, an escalation is sent to his manager.

Delight clients and build lasting relationships

Augment your outreach with personalized, automated campaigns

Elevate customer experiences by sending personalized emails and targeted digital marketing campaigns. Segment your prospective property buyers based on different criteria – property types, preferences, location, financial status, home loan status, etc and send relevant messaging across all communication channels.

Capture all the interactions with the prospect

Capture all the interactions (inbound and outbound) done with the prospective client. These include phone, email, SMS, site visits, or communication through any other channel – everything is recorded and tracked for reference. Incase, any agent leaves, this data helps to take the relationship forward with the client.

Manage contacts and deals on the move, and stay connected with your prospective buyer

Manage your real estate inventory with ease

Agents can view the inventory on a real-time basis for different projects based on buyer preference. It delivers your prospects total access to all the inventory starting from projects to towers to apartments - ensuring the availability of necessary information needed to make an informed decision, all of which gets updated in real-time. Clients may book a property with confidence, knowing that the best options are displayed based on their needs. Thus, it enhances the overall customer experience.

Centralize all leads with restricted access to the sales team

Centralize all your leads on a unified platform and provide restricted access to the sales team. Client data across sales teams is visible to only the admin, while the sales agent can view his own data. The mobile number of the client can be restricted and hidden on the screen for the sales team. Call to the client can be made directly from the CRM application.

Automate and plan the daily schedule of your sales team

Make your sales agents super-productive by organizing their day and route plans. Your agents would always know their work for the day including meetings in order of priority, best routes to follow, goals for the day, and more. Enable him to concentrate on meeting more clients and closing more deals, rather than planning their day.

Grow your real estate business with actionable insights

Get real-time insights into business-critical metrics in a single dashboard and analyze performance. There are 100+ ready-to-use dashboards - Lead source, Lead pipeline, Conversion rate, lead source performance, project performance, agent performance, target vs. achievement, etc. Create custom dashboards for sales to view the numbers at a glance anytime. Use these insights to forecast revenue.

Build highly productive field agents with mobile CRM