CRM for Marketplace

Create loyal customers and boost seller satisfaction.

Onboard new vendors while monitoring the engagement and performance of the existing vendor.

Manage two-way buyer-seller relationships

Onboard sellers, keep them engaged and manage their entire lifecycles.

P2P sellers

Streamline the complete selling operations of peer-to-peer seller marketplaces (both for renting or selling) – from recruiting individual sellers online to the selling process, including quality checks, buyer-seller mapping, and more.

B2C sellers

Onboard, engage, and manage end-to-end merchant and partner relations in B2C marketplaces. Big teams are onboarding new partners door-to-door, on the supply side (merchants/ dealerships/ vendors) and the delivery side (drivers/ delivery partners and more).

B2B buyers

Streamlines the entire process (for sample and bulk orders, quality checks, feedback, and credit buying) and connects all the teams (retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and other business entities).

Streamline the communications and ensure all teams are well-connected for smooth operations


Scout new merchants, visit them door-to-door, upload documents digitally, and more.

  Call Center

Intelligent call distribution & quality tracking for efficient call center operations.


Ensure paperless & hassle-free verification. Integration with verification systems.


Build intelligent workflows for seamless end-to-end marketplace operations.

 Credit Teams

Payment default alerts & collection planning for credit teams of B2B marketplaces.


Customizable mobile feedback forms and day planning for inspection & quality control teams.

Quick and easy onboarding of service partner

Streamline and optimize the onboarding process for your fleets, drivers, and delivery executives. Collect documents, verify, and notify them with the joining instructions, all automatically. This is all done through easy-to-use mobile CRM for your field staff.

Engage and manage buyers

Attract more buyers (businesses or consumers) via your online and offline campaigns, capture them, engage them, and encourage repeat buys with omnichannel upsell/cross-sell campaigns. Manage your entire buyer relationships easily.