Marketing Automation

Elevate customer experiences

Orchestrate personalised customer journeys across marketing, sales, commerce, and service teams to provide a holistic customer experience thereby strengthening relationships and earning loyalty. Turn insights into relevant action using AI-driven recommendations for content, channels, customer segmentation, and analytics.

Upgrade customer experiences through automatic & targeted marketing campaigns

Integrated marketing campaigns

Multichannel campaign management, persona creation and segmentation, automated, and personalized flows

Automate engagement across channels

Workflow and content development to attract, identify, eliminate duplicates, nurture, score, and convert prospects

Unlock customer

Lead identification, online lead capturing forms, dynamic content personalization, dynamic landing pages, lead scoring

Marketing analytics and dashboards

Customer/Lead 360°, conversion and revenue tracking, measure channel, and campaign-specific performance, dashboards

Put your customer first in your digital marketing

Better understand and act on your customer data

Build communication workflows as per customer journeys. If you can visualize it, you can run it. Sketch out your prospects’ conversion journeys easily.

Make every moment of your prospect count in your marketing strategy

Track every action your prospects take and every conversation they have with your team – the webpages they view, the campaigns they interact with (email, text, social, or PPC), the phone conversations they have with your teams, and everything else in between. You can see this entire journey in a clean timestamped view.

Segment your lists intelligently for targeted communication

Segregate your leads based on their demographic profiles, activities, interests, products interested in, or any other variables important to you. Trigger highly relevant and personalized offers and communication campaigns. You can also perform custom list actions, like sending all the leads in one list to a call center application.

Deliver the ultimate omnichannel brand experience

You can build prospect communication workflows in LeadSquared by putting triggers. You can reach them on the channel of their choice – email, text messages, WhatsApp, phone calls, or self-serve portals based on their activities, queries, or just periodically.

Design beautiful and must-click landing pages

Visual builder & dozens of ready-to-use templates based on your industry and campaign type. Publish secure landing pages on your own domain. Start capturing leads from all your channels (PPC ads, social media, your website, and more), and set up auto-responders to keep the leads engaged till your agents can call them.

Templates for email marketing that stand out in every inbox

Create visually stunning emails without any design or coding skills. Drag and drop different email elements like images, content, and buttons onto the canvas and start editing. Personalizing every aspect of your email campaigns to get higher opens, clicks, and responses. Deliver them at the time of your choosing.

Make your customer portal a go-to-communication tool

In addition to the regular communication channels – email, text, WhatsApp, social media, phone calls, etc. you can trigger automated, relevant, targeted communication on self-serve customer portals as well. LeadSquared’s customer portal integrates with the rest of the system seamlessly, providing an exceptional customer experience.

Build integrations trouble-free and on the fly

Integrate LeadSquared with popular marketing and sales apps. Automate lead capture from different sources (chat, landing page tools, third party apps, etc.), and sync data with your CRM applications. Also, Zapier integration helps you create any Zaps you might need.