Manufacturing CRM

Greater supply chain visibility and better close rates.

Unlock more sales opportunities via lead and customer analytics, build long-term business relationships with customers, distributors, and dealers, and plan production more accurately.

Automate and streamline your business process to increase efficiency throughout the value chain

Features to understand your customers better, develop effective distribution processes, forecast demands, and a lot more.

Field force automation

Auto-generate beat plans, log meetings, monitor your reps’ performance & more.

Omni-channel engagement

Engage your partners and consumers via text, email, call, WhatsApp & more.

Call center CRM

Capture demand for your products. Run an efficient & proactive call center operation.

B2B sales CRM

Manage accounts & opportunities, generate quotes, schedule site visits, & more.

Referral portals & tracking

Capture & track every referral. Reward your partners accordingly.

Paperless onboarding

Visit, verify, & onboard partners quickly. Go Paperless.

One Platform for your entire Partner Ecosystem (Dealers, Distributors, and Influencers)

 One Database

Maintain one database of all your dealers and distributors. Map the influencers that buy from each dealer.

 Segmentation and Profiling

Segment & profile your partners based on area, revenue share, exclusivity & more.

 Unified Customer View

Get one unified view of your customer. View their profile, communication history & past purchase orders in a single timeline.

 Referral Portal

Make it easy for partners to refer you with referral portals & tracking.

One simple, easy-to-use mobile CRM App for your field team

 Record meetings

Update meeting dispositions, take note of competitor brands, collect feedback, and more.

 Collect payments

Display outstanding dues on the app & collect payments from your dealers.

 Generate quotes

Fill in dealer requirements, create a quote & automatically send it to supervisors for approval.

 Place orders

Place orders directly from the mobile app as it seamlessly integrates with your WMS/SAP/DMS.

  Capture BTL advertising

Take & upload pictures of your banners & standees. Keep track of your BTL efforts.

Track your field reps and boost their productivity

 Track your reps’ movements

Check the total distance travelled, the time taken between meetings, and the location of every meeting.

 Automate agent notifications and task settings

Send automatic notifications to field reps on new task assignments to visit interested partners and seal the partnership.

 Monitor their performance

Monitor the number of meetings completed (or missed). Get details of every meeting on a real-time basis.

 Generate beat plans

Generate an automatic beat plan for your field reps to increase their efficiency.

 Automate attendance and pay-outs

Automate attendance with check-in and check-out features and reimburse fairly.

 Get detailed reports

Get sales reports across zones, territories, regions, and hierarchies.

Boost your partner retention rate with omnichannel engagement

 Integrate all your channels

For personalized communication, integrate with all the channels- text, email, WhatsApp, push notifications, and more.

 Partner segmentation

Segment your partners based on partner type/size, area, industry, behavior, and more.

 Monitor partner performance

Track your partners’ performance and accordingly trigger a message with tips and steps on how to improve sales.

 Communicate new products/campaigns

Inform your dealers about new product launches, promotional campaigns, and more.

 Run loyalty programs

Invite influencers to events & communicate rewards for your loyalty program.

Analyze reports and make smart decisions

Use reports and dashboards to gain insights into the performance and strategize your sales and marketing. Get sales reports across zones, territories, regions, and hierarchies.

 Performance Report

Details on different levels — national, regional, zonal, territorial, distributors, and individual agents.

 Build your own report

Define any metric you would like to track and pull out the respective report in seconds.

Increase your market coverage by onboarding new dealers faster

Easily add dealer details and upload their documents on the go

 Paperless dealer onboarding

Allow your dealer onboarding teams to collect, upload, and sync documents digitally and paperless – through mobile CRM.

 Smart and dynamic forms

Create dynamic forms for different verticals & partners and display fields necessary for their vertical. It gives a clutter-free experience and speeds up application filling.

 Automatic routing to verification teams

Route applications to the verification team based on agent availability, partner category, region, or any other criteria of your choosing.

Run an efficient and competent call center through automated workflows

 Assign queries to the best-fit available call center agent

Route queries from influencers, dealers & end-consumers to the right team and the best-fit agent, instantly.

 360° view of customers/leads

Empower call center agents with a unified customer view to help customers with up-to-date and relevant information during the sales call.

 Smart Views

Allow your call center reps to prioritize their work and do what matters the most through smart views. They would know exactly which lead to call first and view all their tasks and follow-ups in a clean view.

 Cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Allow your team to identify and capture cross-sell and upsell opportunities using digital signals and manual activity addition.

Third-party integrations

Seamless integration with your lead gen channels, communication tools, warehouse management system, dealer management system, and loyalty program software and deliver a unified and seamless experience for your team.