Lead nurturing software

Nurture your target prospects into hot leads.

Improve and optimize customer relationships, to drive customer loyalty, retention, revenue, and customer lifetime value.

Build personalized nurturing journeys with emails, social campaigns, SMS, etc., and boost your engagement levels with leads and customers.

Build and maintain lasting relationships with lead by providing relevant and timely content

Personalize your messaging, create more targeted and meaningful content, expedite the sales process, and help your entire organization to grow. Stand out against the competition by simply responding to your customers with relevant messaging at a right time. E.g. Welcome your leads with automated emails, and SMSs, as soon as they enter.

Use every opportunity to connect with your target prospects through trigger marketing

Select a trigger event - website interaction, a milestone reached, a purchase, etc. and set up an action - design workflow, automate communication across channels or notify the sales team. An event can be a user action (downloading an eBook, spending more than 2 minutes on a certain section of your website, a prospect showing interest in a particular product, but drops off, etc.), or a specific date (Birthday, Anniversary, Diwali, etc.). Each of these events generates a customized reply to certain users. For example, sending automated onboarding email to new customers to familiarize them with your products/services.

Create responsive emails with pre-built templates

Build visually appealing emails effortlessly that look great on all devices. You can use personalization options to make emails special for the audience. Drag-and-drop templates to find a layout that works for your business.

Create segmented mailing lists

Segment your email lists as per the prospect’s behavior and interests, such as past purchases, lead stage, age, buying history, etc. With the help of effective segmentation, businesses can send relevant messaging across all communication channels to maximize sales and engagement.

Assigning scores to your leads based on set criteria

Track your leads from your emails to a website, see the pages they view, how often they visit a particular page, the emails they click, and more. Observe these trends, gather information about their interests, score them, and engage with them accordingly.

Ex: Identify leads with high scores and get your sales team to close more deals in less time.

Make use of the content library to keep your templates organized

This option lets you create and save custom templates in your library. You can reuse the emails you designed once for similar campaigns, saving time and keeping everything organized.

Reports and Dashboard

Evaluate your nurturing campaigns and overall strategy through reports - Email Reports, Automation Reports.