Insurance CRM

Increase new policy sales & renewals.

Sell more policies from all your distribution channels – STP (digital sales), call center, bancassurance, agencies, brokers, and field sales.

One platform to manage all your products, channels, processes, and teams

All Products

  • General Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Group Insurance

All Channels

  • Digital Sales (STP)
  • Bancassurance
  • Agencies/Brokers
  • Captive Agents
  • Other Intermediaries

All Processes

  • New Policy Sales
  • Renewals
  • Upsell/Cross-sell
  • Field Operations
  • Verification

All Teams

  • Marketing
  • Call Center
  • Verification
  • Underwriting/Actuary
  • Retention

Capture and distribute insurance inquiries

Integrates with all communication channels effortlessly and captures leads from online & offline channels, including insurance aggregator websites (like PolicyBazaar, MyInsuranceClub), social media, phone calls, inbound emails, inquiry calls, webform submissions, referrals, etc. Distribute leads automatically to the right call center or field agents based on insurance type, agent availability, geography, or any other logic that complements your processes.

Self-serve portals for online application

Provide a seamless experience for your insurance applicants through a self-serve mobile-friendly application. Allow the applicant to complete the application multiple times and continue from wherever they left off, enhancing the prospect’s experience.

Lead Prioritization to target and close the right leads

Score your leads and prioritize each one of them according to their importance. Leads can be prioritized based on lead attributes and activity tracking. Knowing where to put your efforts first- is critical if you want to boost your sales, and our CRM tool can help you do so.

Digital On-boarding of customers with e-KYC

Onboard customers easily and securely using eKYC and Video KYC verification, helping insurance providers eliminate lengthy verification processes, reduce costs & fight fraud. Help your onboarding agents (both on and off the field), KYC reviewers, and verification teams stay on the same page.

Monitor prospect activities to influence them

Take any event as a trigger and guide them down the path you wish them to take. Understand the intent of your customers from lead attributes, browsing behavior, or purchase history, and send automated personalized communication via the right channels – text, email, WhatsApp, or manual intervention by a call center/sales agent.

Improve productivity and enhance the efficiency of call center & field

 Reduced Response Time

Initiate prompt actions based on lead priority to reduce response time.

 Day Planner

Prioritize the meetings and calls for your call center and field agents including route planning.

 Next Task Recommendation

Recommend the next lead to call or customer to meet for all your teams.

 Geo-tracking of Field Teams

Track every move of your field agents to ensure no misrepresentations.

  Agent Onboarding

Ensure easy and fast agent onboarding – easy to set-up, easy to use. Built for scale.

 Real-time Reports

Get real-time reports both for your call center and field agents to ensure productivity.

Automate repetitive tasks for new sales, renewals, and cross-sell/upsell

Maintain and segment your clients basis details like personal information, earlier interactions, buyer stage, premium due, over-due, and payment trend, etc. Automate customer communication basis these segments to improve customer experience.

Reports and Dashboard

Evaluate sales and renewal processes and gain insights on performance through reports on sales, agent, and field force cut across teams, products, regions, relationship managers, and channels.