HIPAA Compliant Healthcare CRM

Improve patient engagement and accelerate revenue.

Send personalized medical service promotions and improve care quality and patient satisfaction.

Make the best use of this platform for your healthcare business

HIPAA compliance

Our CRM is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant with BAA (Business Associate Agreement) in place to maintain Protected Health Information (PHI) security. All the key regulatory and industry-defined requirements are strictly followed to safeguard patient information.

Patient intake automation

Improve your patient intake by automatically capturing leads across both offline and online channels and distributing them to the right department basis predefined logic. Reduce wait time and ensure consistent records through digital intake forms. Schedule appointments through Acuity and Outlook.

Design or Integrate Appointment Forms

Design simplified appointment forms or integrate them into CRM to schedule appointments online.
Integrate appointment forms into the CRM system to track and manage all appointments in one place for easy follow-up with patients and seamless communication.

Sync appointments and Notify care managers along with doctors

Sync appointments from the appointment scheduling app automatically into LeadSquared. Automate doctor-to-patient assignments based on factors like patient needs, location, doctor availability, specialty, etc. Notify doctors along with care managers about the appointments. Doctors and care managers have all the necessary information about the new patients on the day of their appointment –necessary records are pulled from the patient management system and all their interactions are recorded for future reference.

Send post-diagnosis notes and the next step

After the diagnosis, or after their first appointment, automatically send all important information to the patient via email, text message, or through the patient portal. This can include the prescriptions, the date for their next appointment, tips to manage their conditions, and more.

Collect patient feedback and conduct physician satisfaction surveys

Collect patient feedback post-appointment to assess the quality of your service, doctors, and facilities. Conduct physician satisfaction surveys to get actionable insights into the needs and preferences of physicians. This will enhance patient and physician loyalty and retention.

Enhance patient communication

Create a holistic 360°view of each patient and send hyper-personalized, relevant consumer-centric messages on the channel of their choice – email, text messages, WhatsApp, phone calls, based on their activities, segmentation, queries, follow-ups, or just periodically. These personalized communications exponentially strengthen relationships and patients feel as though they are valued members of healthcare communities, rather than anonymous numbers to large corporations.

Mobile CRM for caregiving

Create day plans for on-site caregivers. Make the attendance process easy by allowing online and offline check-ins. Provide access to entire patient information and documents on a single health app by connecting with EHR. Allow them to update the patient record in mobile CRM easily anytime and from any place. Help therapists to find nearby patients using geofencing and geotagging features, even offline. Provide route guidance through Google Maps to reach the patient’s location.

Reports and analytics

Analyse data across sales, marketing, and customer service processes with the help of reports and dashboards. There are 100+ ready-to-use dashboards – Patient Acquisition Report, Patient Drop-off Report, Appointment to Visit Ratio Report, Patient Engagement Reports, Patient Feedback Report, Marketing ROI Reports, Physician Satisfaction Reports, Physician Referral Reports, etc. It helps identify factors that influence conversions, measure campaign results, find the most successful acquisition approaches, and track marketing and sales performance.

Seamless Integrations

To provide a better user experience to patients, our CRM provides out-of-box integrations with patient management tools like hospital information systems, appointment scheduling software(Calendly, Outlook, Acuity), EHR systems (Epic, DrChrono, AthenaHealth), Insurance verification tools (pVerify), telephony / CTI systems(RingCentral, CallTrackingMetrics), messaging apps (LiveChat, RouteMobile). This helps to build long-term relationships with your patients.