Fintech CRM

Improve customer retention and increase company revenue.

Regulate your customer digital behavior and delivers personalized experiences.

Connect with customers in a whole new way, building meaningful and lasting relationships

Capture all incoming leads with zero leakage

Capture leads seamlessly from mobile app, Google, email, social media, organic channels, etc via out-of-the-box integrations. Monitor and analyze the performance of all your lead-generation channels.

Reduce response time with automated lead distribution

When a lead is captured, the software automatically assigns the lead to the relevant salesperson based on predefined criteria like a product, vintage, agent availability, location, or lead application status. This reduces response time drastically. The sales rep is notified on the phone with all the lead details on the allocation of leads to him.

Build proactive call center sales operations

Assign lead to the telesales team automatically based on pre-defined logic. Build proactive call center sales operations with our CRM. Help your agents make better conversations, enhance prospect experience, and sell more with a completely connected call center.

Connect with your customers on the channel of their choice

Reach out to customers on the channel of their choice with personalized messages. Stand out against the competition with relevant messaging at the right time. Create responsive landing pages and beautiful emails with pre-built templates.

Tailor personalized journeys with zero code

Deliver cross-channel personalised experience at each step of the customer lifecycle by building customer journeys across channels and devices with absolutely zero code. Identify drop-off points, plug the leaks, and increase completion rates for your campaigns.

Driving a smart and seamless sales experience

Augment the productivity of your sales teams by empowering them with a mobile app. Build efficient sales workflows to automate redundant and repetitive tasks. Gain visibility on your field sales agents with geo-tracking and geo-fencing.

Unlock productivity and empower your sales team with our CRM.