Field Force Tracker

Real-time tracking and faster completion of tasks.

Keep an eagle eye on your sales force at all times through geo-tracking and geo-fencing.

Real-time location tracking of field force movement

Plan agents’ days' schedules in advance and track them

Plan agents' clear-cut schedule for the day in advance and they can check schedule details on their mobile screen -the number of meetings scheduled for the day, calls to make, tasks assigned to them, along with the routes they are meant to follow. Have complete visibility into your agents’ plans and routes for the day.

Monitor their check-ins, check-outs, and attendance

Track if your field teams start their day on time by mandating automated or manual check-ins and check-outs. Set workday templates for your agents to define when (time) and where (location) their work starts and ends.

You can send reminders to your sales team that their workdays are about to start. If they have not checked in, the app will do it automatically for them, given they are at the correct location.

Monitor if your agents have completed their assigned meetings

Effectively track your field agent's location and distance travelled on a map. You can also keep a check on if they have completed the meetings on time and the outcome of a meeting.

Create a geo-fencing to avoid meeting manipulations

Use geo-fencing to restrict meeting misrepresentation by disallowing them to sign in for a meeting if they are not at the right location. Virtual proximity is to be defined for the employees wherein they should not be allowed to check-in if they are beyond the vicinity after the client meeting.

Get complete reports of the day along with routes

The solution offers an in-depth report on your field team not limited to the meetings they did, the routes they took, their closures, and more. You can analyze the performance and improve accordingly. The solution boosts your team's productivity by giving them the right tool for success.