Field Force Reports

Detailed analytics and accurate sales forecast.

Easily track lead volume, conversion rates, and each stage in the pipeline for a field sales team. Track sales team performance with customizable sales dashboards, reporting tools, and forecasting reports.

Field force tracking with real-time performance dashboards.

Report on meeting count of field agents

Provides a count of meetings your field agent is doing daily, weekly, monthly, and annually along with details on the type of meeting, and quality of these meetings, etc. This report helps understand how well salespeople are performing and what targets can be set for them.

Report on tasks of field agents

Provides a count of tasks assigned to your field agents and its TAT for completion. These could be pre-sales related tasks such as follow-ups, setting up meetings or emailing documents. Or they could be post-sales operations tasks such as eKYC verification, inspecting products before insurance, etc.

Report on the distance covered and meetings attended

Provides physical distance covered by an agent in a given period. It will help you determine the amount of manpower that goes into each meeting and the time spent on travel. The management can then take decisions on how to optimize their sales route, so that more meetings are covered with the least amount of travel.

Report on revenue by agents and teams

Provides contribution of an agent or team to the profits of the business which in turn helps to identify high, average and low performers.

Report on sales productivity

Helps to identify the best performer basis a variety of KPIs - number of meetings completed, number of tasks completed, number of deals won, or money collected.

360-degree view of the organization

Provides information about revenue generation on various cuts like lead source, geography, demography, product, and field agent. This gives an insights into the performance of an organization as a whole and the impact of the sales team on efficiency, conversion rates, and revenue.