CRM + eKYC solution

Timesaving, cost-effective

Biometric eKYC add-on to streamline customer onboarding journey with the least amount of paperwork and in the shortest possible time.

Secure and simple verification with our eKYC solution


Onboard your customers faster with reduced verification time​


Eliminate the need for physical document collection for verification


Reduce the total cost of verification with paperless and automated processing


Improve turnaround time with uberisation of lead assignment


Security + privacy is assured as the information is shared through UIDAI’s encrypted software.


The eKYC verification process is seamlessly connected to your sales CRM

Capturing and distribution of Leads

Capture leads through APIs, websites, landing pages, etc., and assign them to the telesales team automatically based on pre-defined logic. They will then call and qualify the lead.

Scheduling appointments and creating task

Once the lead is qualified, the appointment date and time are scheduled. It is then automatically distributed to the field rep based on zip code, number of tasks, etc. The rep can see his pending tasks as they are assigned to him.

Lead assignment and field rep visit

Lead is assigned on a real-time basis to the field rep who is closest to the lead at that time, enabling the same day visit and verification. Lead details are shared on the field rep’s mobile app, and he visits the lead. This helps in bringing down the time for KYC verification and enhances the overall customer experience.

Biometric eKYC verification

For Verification, an OTP is sent to the customer’s Aadhaar-registered mobile number which is then entered into our CRM. Once the OTP is confirmed, fingerprint biometrics are captured. The data is sent to the bank which is sent further to the UIDAI server. After the data gets validated from the UIDAI servers, the same is sent back to the bank and the bank returns the result as “verified” or “not verified.”

Update lead status and seamlessly connect with various teams

Once the KYC verification is completed, the field rep updates the status on his mobile app. Once the lead is verified it can be automatically assigned to the next team for subsequent processing.

Track field force

Track your field agents at all times, using their geo-location and check-in status. As a manager, you can remotely track the completed meetings, outcomes, and daily routes traveled. Your field rep too can track all his current pending tasks on his mobile app. With the day planner and ‘nearby leads’ feature, he can optimize his time on the field.

Reports and Dashboard

Get in-depth insights on your eKYC verification teams & processes through reports on the funnel, eKYC Agent, team performance, and more.