Customer Portal

Empower your prospects, customers, and partners with an easy-to-use self-service portal

Give your customers the self-service portals, discussion forums, and access to the answers they need quickly, anytime, and from their laptop, tablet, or mobile.

The Effective self-service portal delivers greater customer satisfaction and increased efficiency

Security and Authentication

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), Single Sign-On, password expiration policies

Easy Access and Navigation

Intuitive and clutter-free UI, responsive layout, seamless navigation

Self - service Portal

Product inquiry, quotation generation, client onboarding, application form filling, application tracking, service request management

Online Payment Module

Easy access to billing information, convenient payment via digital wallets, instantaneous invoice generation

Why use the LeadSquared customer portal for your business?

  Paperless, Self-serve & Fast

Make the application processes paperless and complete with self-serve forms

  Increase Application Numbers

Self-serve application forms allow you to increase applications from all your sources

  Private & Secure

Password-protected login interface for your customers, prospects, and partners

  Live Application Tracking

Allow the application to see their progress, pickup any time & download applications as PDF

  Mobile Responsive Forms

Allow users (prospects, customers, partners) to access the portal and forms on mobile

  Chatbot + Payment Integration

Capture direct interactions with applicants, and reduce hassle with payment integration

Move your application process online

User-friendly, mobile-optimized application forms ensure a smooth experience for users. The application can be resumed anytime, thereby enhancing user experience and saving the agents’ time. Initiate call center action in case of application drop-offs at any step.

Keep the information secure through the highest security features

Give your prospects or customers their own portal to manage their profiles and their active, old, and new applications. For instance: The borrowers of a loan application can easily apply for loans, and students can easily apply for admissions, manage their profiles, upload documents, check application status, and receive verification & approval notifications.

Secure payment integrations

Integrate your payment modules into the portal securely. Allow the completion of the complete application online including admission fees collection or payment for other kinds of applications.

Supercharge your online application process

Identify the application completion rates across your products, teams, regions, and more. You can even identify the pages or form fields where most drop-offs happen, allowing you to fix the form layouts for higher completion ratios.

Deliver cohesive experience through your customer portal

  Track Inquiry Channels

Identify the most effective lead generation channels for new application inquiries.

  Automate Application Lifecycle

Connect all the teams and processes involved through the application lifecycle.

  Reduce Team Efforts

Initiate call center, sales, or support intervention only when needed via tracking.

  Automate Communication

Engage prospects, customers, or partners via automated multi-channel campaigns.

  Build Custom Dashboards

Customized, hierarchy-based dashboards for your teams to reduce efforts.

  Get Complete Analytics

Track the effectiveness of your processes, teams, salespeople, products, and more.