Credit Union CRM

Boost member experience and drive higher retention.

Member engagement platform uniquely built for credit unions.

Offer uninterrupted support to your members with unified 360° client information

Per-Agent Productivity

•  Lead Distribution

•  Sales Automation Designer

•  Guided Actions

•  Task Manager

•  Upsell/Cross-sell Engine

Marketing Visibility

•  Lead Scoring

•  Automated Email Drips

•  Borrower Journey Builder

•  Email/Website Tracking

•  Landing Page Designer

Referral Management

•  Referral Partner Portal

•  Co-Marketing Campaigns

•  Referral Source Tracking

•  Partner Activity Scores

•  Automated Updates

Create awesome experiences for your members, and grow your business faster

 Entirely configurable workflows

Customize all your new member acquisition, engagement, and sales operations workflows.

  Completely Secure

The security & privacy of your prospects & members is ensured with strict measures

  Super-fast Implementation

While configuring other enterprise software can take months, Ridgetech Corporation gets you started in days.


We are here to enhance your existing processes, not replace them – connect with all your traditional systems seamlessly.

  Multi-channel engagement

Drive more prospects to conversion with multi-channel engagement – email, text, WhatsApp, call center, and more.

  360° member profiles

Plan your agents’ day completely, allow them to identify prospects near them, and track everything they do.

Empower members with the effortless self-service portal

Leverage a web-based secured point-of-sale portal for your members to engage right from applying for a loan to disbursal. Members can easily complete a loan application, upload supporting documentation, eSignature, payment, check loan status and submit service requests - in a single, user-friendly mobile application.

Provide excellent member onboarding experience

Create a seamless customer experience from the very first touchpoint. Capture inquiries, provide solutions, and then onboard customers via mobile-friendly application or portal. Functionalities like resume application filling journey anytime- enhance prospect experience and boost customer faith in the company.

Accelerate your customer onboarding via KYC verification

Add-ons like eKYC and Video KYC verification help credit unions eliminate lengthy verification processes, reduce costs & prevent fraudulent activities. This ensures faster and more efficient member onboarding.

Design and automate your processes with zero code

Boost member engagement and accelerate sales cycles

Segment your prospects and run relevant campaigns to engage with them until they become members. Keep referral partners/ agents in the loop at every stage via a portal for better visibility and transparency.

Capture upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Empower your sales teams with an intuitive customer/prospect 360° view. This will help them in anticipating customer needs and providing contexts for deeper and more meaningful interactions with customers.

Allow your team to identify and capture cross-sell and upsell opportunities using digital signals and manual activity addition. For example, a home loan customer with an excellent credit repayment history who visits the car loan page on your website can be offered a pre-approved vehicle loan.

Boost call center performance

Accentuate the productivity of your call center teams by providing functionalities like customer 360° view, complete member management, categorization, case prioritization, and detailed borrower, team & collections analysis.

With customer data easily accessible, call center agents can know the history of any caller during an interaction and can guide them as to what the customer may need. Anticipating customers’ needs leads to increased customer satisfaction and, in turn, increased sales. It also helps in improving call times and first-call resolution.

Reports and Dashboard

Provide gainful insights into sales performance for your teams, agents, and more through reports like - overall performance, and agent performance.