CRM Consulting Services

At Ridge Tech, we assist in building efficient, laser-focused, and scalable CRM solution with our best-in-class consulting services.

We create meaningful customer experiences by turning our client’s data into valuable insights through effective CRM consulting, implementation, testing, and maintenance services.

What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software manages the company's interaction with potential and existing customers. It drives sales growth using data analysis from various communication channels, like websites, customer service agents, email, WhatsApp, live chat, social media, etc. It compiles customer records in one system, making it easier to track interactions, solve problems, run business-critical analytics, protect data privacy, and communicate more effectively. CRM software can also predict customer needs, segment customers, and generate accurate insights into your customer base for better decision-making.

Implement CRM solution to

  • Support your lead generation, loyalty, and sales efforts
  • Track and build campaigns. Track mailer, website, and social media clicks
  • Keep all client interactions in one place, allowing your sales, marketing, and service departments to work more efficiently
  • Conduct predictive analysis on customer behaviour patterns and responses to help organizations to make better decisions

Why do you need CRM Solution?

CRM solution provides a unified platform for easy tracking and managing customer interactions across various channels. Research shows that using the right CRM system can increase revenue by 41% per sales representative and improve customer retention by 27%. Implementing CRM solution enables business enterprises to have clear visibility of end to end on customer interactions, needs, and preferences. It helps personalize communications and deliver a consistent unified experience to customers, improving customer satisfaction and increasing customer retention.

In short, CRM solution provides

  • Secure consistent future growth
  • Integrate web and mobile solution for maximum sales
  • Improve customer Engagement and Service
  • Unified omnichannel customer experience

Why should you hire our consulting services?

With Ridge Tech, you can improve lead conversions, retention rates, unify customer/vendor data and boost sales revenue. We can help in crafting dynamic CRM solution for both B2B and B2C enterprises.

  • We help you select and implement CRM solution that works best for your industry
  • We offer extensive CRM consulting services after analysing your business processes
  • We set up and optimize existing CRM, migrate enterprise data and train your internal teams for boosting productivity

Areas where our CRM consultants engage

Gap Analysis

Ridge Tech help businesses quantify and analyse gaps between existing system and future growth prospects and prioritize actions. We collaborate with your business teams to understand business goals, existing processes, applications and formulate a detailed analysis report. This report can then be used for subsequent growth focussed on business processes, application development and enterprise application installation.

Solution Selection & Design

CRM consultants from Ridge Tech will help you shortlist solutions that fit your organization and support in decision –making process. We offer the right solution for your organisation by working in close collaboration with your internal sales teams by understanding and identifying business challenges. We start with multiple options and assist you in choosing the most optimum solution as per your business goals.

Business Process Transformation

Modernize your existing business processes to attract new streams of revenue. Our CRM consultants will help you identify gaps in your existing processes and transform legacy business processes with a new perspective to drive your business goals.

App Modernization

Outdated CRM apps pose security and privacy threats. Moreover, your sales potential remains undiscovered if you use legacy apps. We help in upgrading your CRM tools to overcome challenges of growth.

A leading CRM Consulting Firm in India for Integration and Implementation Services

CRM Consulting Services

We have expert analysts who research and analyse your business requirements and help choose an ideal CRM solution for your organization based on data.

CRM Integration Services

Every company has its own tech ecosystem, and we can integrate all the other platforms with your CRM without any disruption to the business culture.

CRM Training Services

Apart from CRM implementation, we can also provide intuitive training services to our clients and CRM users for a smooth transition on the platform.

CRM Strategy and Planning

Understanding the business requirements, collaborating with departmental heads, and building technology architecture for successful implementation of CRM. You name it, we do it.

CRM Software Implementation

In alignment with your business goals and customer expectations, we can help you make the right choice of CRM and then seamlessly implement the same in your organization.

CRM Customization/ Services

Every organization has different business processes and different organizational cultures. We can provide CRM customization services that align with your culture and not the other way around.

Data Digitization and Migration Services

Whether you need to digitize your offline data or make it easily accessible for the CRM platform, we have the resources for all your requirements to make the process hassle-free

CRM Support and Maintenance Services

Get dedicated resources that monitor the needs of your process even after delivery, can keep your CRM updated with advanced functionalities, and provide support as and when needed.