Banking CRM

Connect every banking experience.

Provide unified, digital-first, personalized service experiences to drive customer loyalty and improve the top line.

Complement your core customer record system with our CRM to acquire, engage, onboard customers, cross-sell, and much more.

Features that make your banking business highly efficient

  Configurable workflows

Automate your processes, streamline your workflows, and deploy the right agent at the right time.

  Data Security

Ensure comprehensive security features to prevent data leaks and protect sensitive customer data.

 Quick Implementation

We implement functional CRM in days, considering your sales processes and the strategy of acquiring, working, and retaining customers.

 Quick integration with core CRMs

We help in enhancing your existing processes by seamlessly connecting with your traditional banking CRMs.

  Elevate omnichannel experience

Engage with customers through multiple channels (phone, email, social media, live chat, portals, etc.) on a real-time basis.

 Mobile CRM

Field staff accesses lead information and updates status on the go. Managers keep a check on their field agents at all times through geo-tracking and geo-fencing.

Customize experiences and simplify customer onboarding with our banking solution to strengthen relationships, generate referrals, and scale fast.

Retail Banking

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Prospect Communication
  • Verification – KYC
  • Upsell/Cross-sell Engine
  • Connected Systems & Teams

Debt Recovery

  • Borrower Management
  • Borrower Categorization
  • Recovery Prediction
  • Guided Team Actions
  • Advanced Analytics

Corporate Banking

  • Account Management
  • Data Enrichment
  • Customer Portfolio
  • Relationship Management
  • Field Sales Planning

Banking CRM FAQs

CRM in banking helps to manage customers by understanding their needs and providing better services to them. With CRM, banks can efficiently manage, track and nurture leads, create personalized offers and communication based on customer insights, run targeted marketing and sales campaigns, improve team productivity, etc. It helps bank achieve their business goals of sales and marketing by automating workflows and streamlining processes.
Banking CRM covers the following banking-related operations
- Retail Banking
- Commercial Banking
- Corporate Banking
- Investment Banking
- Mortgage & Lending
Key features of Banking CRM are
- A 360° view of bank customers/leads
- Lead and opportunity management in banks
- Marketing campaign management
- Sales process management
- Customer interaction management
- Customer self-service management
- Security and compliance
- Analytics and reporting
CRMs are important in banking as they can help organizations with
- Boosted sales
- Increased lead conversion
- Personalized customer journeys
- Deeper and more customized customer interactions
- Increased productivity
- Deeper insights to improve sales and marketing efforts
- More efficient communication
- Inter-department data tracking
- Better Service
- Improved customer experience
- Increased customer loyalty and retention
Possible integrations with Banking CRM are
- Core Banking System
- Card Processing Systems
- Computer - Telephony System
- Document Management System