Bancassurance CRM

Elevate customer experience and expand customer base.

Leverage Banca customers and expand customer base through elevated customer experience.

End-to-end digital experience for cross-selling in the banking and insurance sector

Automate day & route planning

Plan the daily activities of your relationship managers by prioritizing their tasks. Focus on low- performing branches first and provide an optimal route for better time management.

Motivate and encourage RMs

Real-time access to KPIs, performances, incentives & their current position with respect to their and teams’ goals can motivate and encourage your relationship managers to perform better.

Customizable dashboards

Empower your relationship managers with a completely customize app view. Apart from their overall performances, they can access their daily tasks and activities, including – branch visits, targets set, next meetings along with routes, and task completion metrics, like branches visited, premiums collected, renewal retention, etc.

Monitor branch visit

Real-time track relationship managers’ visits at bank branches through geo-tagging each branch visit activity and geo-fencing to prevent fraudulent branch visits.

Real-time live tracking of your RMs

Get a visual representation of the route that your RM has travelled and the meetings they have completed. Know what time he has checked in and from where and the distance that he has covered that day.

Reports and Dashboard

Measure, track, and improve your partner branch engagement through reports like branch health statistics, recovery recommendations, and branch visit tracking.

Manage renewals collection for higher persistency ratios

Track renewal rates from every partner branch with the help of reports, providing real-time access to renewal data and triggering automated renewal reminders.