Automotive CRM

Accelerate sales and win long-term customer loyalty.

Assist automotive businesses to streamline their business processes and deliver unparalleled customer service.

Enhance end-to-end customer experience—from the first test drive to purchase

Optimize your sales process and close more deals

Never miss a single vehicle buying inquiry from your online channels

Automatically capture vehicle buying inquiries from online channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, third-party websites, emails, and own Websites, etc.

Easy upload of tradeshow/event Leads

Instantly upload leads with all the details collected during tradeshow/events without error.

Lead segmentation and distribution

Segments your leads based on a prospect, agent, or dealership/showroom attributes – like the location of the buyer or showroom, vehicle make, and model (and its availability in different showrooms), consultant performance, languages, etc. Distributes leads among your sales consultants. Your team receives a notification for the same.

Capture and track all the interactions with vehicle buyers

Capture all the interactions (inbound and outbound) done with the prospective client. These include phone, email, SMS, site visits, or communication through any other channel – everything is recorded and tracked for reference. Incase, any agent leaves, this data helps to take the relationship forward with the client.

Segment leads intelligently and automates engagement campaigns

Segment your prospective vehicle buyers based on various factors and use this information to always maintain relevant messaging with them across all communication channels.

Enhance the productivity of salespeople

Use lead quality score to show your salespeople their prioritized tasks in smart views. This helps preserve your team’s bandwidth, removes the clutter from the screen, ensures that the best leads are called first, and makes your salesperson more productive.

Keep track of customer touch points and interaction to increase cross-sales, upgrades, and service revenue for your dealership

Reports and Dashboard

Get in-depth analytics to track from campaigns to showrooms, consultants, and much more. Structured performance visibility at different levels through hierarchy-based reports, campaign Reports, team performance reports, etc.