CRM Application Maintenance

This entire process of CRM maintenance ensures the application is utilized in its best form. The maintenance service takes care of a CRM post going live.

All the effort spent in building, deploying, and onboarding users of a new CRM is wasted if it is not used by the entire organization and exploits its full potential.

Why does a CRM Platform need to be supported?

In today’s world, a CRM system is critical not just for the sales teams, but for any customer-facing team interacting and engaging with customers. A modern CRM platform not only brings all customer data to one place for teams to deliver seamless experiences to customers across different touchpoints but also keeps up with customer needs, especially as they begin to value relationships over transactions.

New CRM users may encounter issues and challenges while operating and handling CRM application, it is important to resolve and overcome these challenges timely for better adoption

Several departments today use the CRM application to meet different goals. Educating these different business units about the differential functionalities, and empowering them to use the right data, build the right reports, and make the right decisions becomes very important.

What do CRM Managed Services bring to the table?

If an organization is using a modern CRM platform to streamline Sales, Marketing, and Services functions and wants to continuously drive value from it, a managed service provider will ensure it for sustained outcomes.

Opting for CRM Managed Services is a great way to:

Ensure User Adoption

Sometimes, new CRM adoption may lead to roadblocks in accomplishing a shared vision. CRM Managed Services help overcome resistance from employees who have been using an old system and drive high user adoption rates.

Stay Updated

CRM system needs to be up-to-date and in sync with the latest innovations and updates. Ridge Tech ensure all the latest patches and updates released by Leadsquared are constantly implemented, and the client is running the latest, most advanced version of the platform.

Optimize Costs

With a team of experts on standby, our clients eliminate the expenditure of hiring CRM professionals. Ridge Tech will ensure the CRM system is being used to its full potential, driving higher adoption and maximizing ROI.

Extend CRM Platform

Opting for CRM Managed Services from Ridge Tech will equip client organization to add third-party plugins and add-ons as and when needed. Customization and implementing new modules to exceed customer experience is also achievable.

Enable Scalability

CRM Managed Services ensure client organization is using all the features in the right manner and seamlessly scaling up the platform to keep up with the growing demand.

Receive 24×7 Support

Ridge Tech will work as an extension of business and IT teams. As and when there is a need to enable reporting, resolve issues, or improve user adoption, you get support via a 24×7 helpdesk.

Ensure Seamless Integration

During digital transformation projects, there is a likelihood of the addition of new tools and systems into the ecosystem. Our CRM Maintenance services ensure client’s system is integrated with new tools and technologies for improved data flow, collaboration, and visibility.