About us

Who we are?

  Ridge Tech is a Business Transformation, Business Process Re-engineering organization that provides best-in-class digital experience and lays a foundation for tomorrow's digital future. Embrace customers who are ready to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

  We provide a wide range of information technology services and business consulting services through our dedicated IT & business process reengineering arm. Our team of professionals bolstered by industry partnerships, enables us to provide cutting-edge solutions across various industry verticals. Our services are customer-centric and deal with the customer’s business transformation objectives by adapting to the unique methodology by transforming its people, processes, and technology.

Ridgetech corporation

Leadership Team

Priya Diwan
CEO, Founder

Priya Diwan is a visionary in the Enterprise Business space and founder of Ridge Tech Corporation. Her vision for intelligent Enterprise Business Applications powered by cloud-native technology has defined a new way of doing business. Her passion for innovation has inspired Ridge Tech Corporation to create Enterprise Business Solutions that are accelerating digital transformation for some of the world's biggest companies.

Our Vision

To provide the best customer experience across the Globe providing innovative IT solutions for Mid and Enterprise Companies. We aim to help our customers achieve their specific key targets and business management goals.
Our motto of “Service Beyond Expectations” leads us to give dedication and commitment to our customers in providing superior product solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the catalyst between our customers and their customers; between existing legacy systems and new technologies; between older distribution channels and new generation platforms. We enable our customers to leverage opportunities provided by new ERP & CRM software technologies and business models.

How we deliver Excellence

  Dedication to Integrity
  Ownership of Responsibility
  Accomplish Goals
  Leverage Experience
  Respect Relationships
  Maintain Clarity and Awareness
  Deliver Value and Profitability
  Simplified Sophistication
  Unwavering Quality
  Mutual Trust

Why Us?

We have expanded well beyond our process research to provide organizations with business insights,and tools to achieve their priorities.

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New Technology

Your people and processes will be aligned with your new technology because of our holistic approach.

Career Consultants

You will not work with “career consultants” but with operational experts who have been in their client's shoes.

Project Plan

Our project plan will be designed around your existing organizational culture.

Digital Transformation

You will achieve the full benefits of digital transformation using our proprietary methodology based on lessons learned from past clients.

Team Collaboration

You will benefit from diverse subject matter expertise because each member of our team has a unique set of distinctive skills, and they analyse from diverse angles to provide more creative solutions.

Our Methodology

You will benefit from our ability to customize our methodology based on your organization's size, complexity, and industry.